We have many types of equipment.  Here are a few examples:

Oxygen Concentrators and Home Fills:  An Oxygen Concentrator is a machine that separates the oxygen from the nitrogen in the air, concentrates it, and stores it for you to breathe.  The use of this device does not reduce the oxygen in the room because of the small amount of oxygen required.


The HomeFill is a multi-stage pump that simply and safely compresses oxygen from the concentrator into oxygen cylinders.  The ability to fill their own cylinders gives ambulatory patients greater independence and freedom.


25dd6649677e8caeffff847effffe904Compressor driven nebulizers create and aerosol, (very fine mist) from a liquid.  The compressor directs a flow of air through the handheld nebulizer which contains liquid, this creates the aerosol which is then delivered to the lungs by using a mouthpiece or a mask and inhaling slowly and deeply.

CPAP & BiPAP Machines and Supplies

4362aea3ac47d935ffff8565ffffe906CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. It keeps your airway open as you sleep by providing you with a steady stream of air. Most CPAP units are about the size of a small tissue box. Today’s units are smaller, lighter and quieter than when they were first used to treat sleep apnea. Some units are as small as six or seven inches in length and weigh only two or three pounds.

4362aea3ac47d935ffff8564ffffe906 1fac4ed05213c78ffff8023ffffe906BiPAP stands for Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure. The BiPAP aids oxygenation and ventilation in cases of sleep apnea or ventilatory muscle fatigue. It has also been applied to prevent the more invasive procedures of intubation or tracheostomy.

Most Insurances will allow replacement of face masks and headgear once every 6 months.  Seals can be replaced once or twice a month depending on the type of mask used.  CPAP/BiPAP Filters are either disposable, available twice per month or reusable, available once every 6 months.

Wheelchairs, Manual and Power

e0c7a54c3fb30ba4ffff96cbffffe904 Wheelchairs provide easy transportation, comfortable seating and as much functional independence for the user as possible.
We have transport chairs, lightweight, standard and bariatric wheelchairs.  We have the capability of doing assessments for power wheelchairs.
We also have many types of wheelchair cushions.


4362aea3ac47d935ffff8364ffffe906Our medical scooters are compact, with a tight turning radius and less weight. Short turning radius mobility scooters are the best for in-home use.  Medicare will only approve scooters for indoor use. These scooters can also be used outdoors on level, paved, stable surfaces.

Hospital Beds

4362aea3ac47d935ffff8357ffffe906If you or your loved one will be spending most of the day in bed, an adjustable hospital bed is essential.  It will allow the patient to sit up in bed for feeding, reading, conversation, and other daytime activities.  Changes in position are essential to minimize pressure sores and to help relieve boredom and fatigue.  The hospital bed may also be raised or lowered to give the caregiver easier access to the patient or for ease of transfer.
A hospital bed is higher than a regular bed and it rolls easily on wheels.

Walking Aids

4362aea3ac47d935ffff8362ffffe906PICK UP WALKERS:  A walker is intended to help an individual remain mobile by providing assistance in walking.  Functions normally performed by the legs and feet are transferred to the arms and hands.  The walker helps with balance and standing or walking stability.  Front wheeled walkers are available.  We have trays and baskets available as well.

4362aea3ac47d935ffff8361ffffe906The four wheeled walker is useful as it has brakes and a seat.  There is a basket below the seat for carrying small items.

ffc0f93292069f16ffff8557ffffe907CANES:  The choice of which type of cane to use depends on how much support and added stability is needed.  The Quad Cane, provides much greater stability because of its multiple points on the ground and has the advantage of being free standing.  It’s disadvantage is that it is heavier.
There are  many colors of single point canes in stock.

e0c7a54c3fb30ba4ffff96ccffffe904CRUTCHES:  Crutches are most likely to be the appropriate walking aid when a person must not bear any weight on one leg, as would be the case with a broken leg, ankle, or foot.  The majority of temporary crutch users use underarm crutches, shown here in three sizes.