Pacific Coast Medical Supply carries supplies to make your life easier and more comfortable.

                              LIFT CHAIRS

7dbe1ba1fc688ceaffff80f2ffffe906The lift chairs we carry are manufactured by Golden Technologies, an American manufacturer located in Pennsylvania.   We carry the Monarch and Cambridge models.  The chair frames are made from Northern Maple wood, stapled and glued.  The fill is microfiber Dacron and block foam.  The lift mechanism is 10 gauge steel.  These chairs come with a life time warranty on the chair frame, lift frame and recline mechanism and a 3 year warranty on electrical parts.  If we don’t have the color you want in stock we can order in 7 to 10 days.                                                           Maggie is relaxing in a Cambridge, the color is called Cognac.

                            Diabetic Shoes

4362aea3ac47d935ffff834effffe906Diabetic shoes have a larger toe box which prevent blisters or pain from too tight regular shoes.  The heat moldable shoe inserts allow foot pressure to be spread out across the foot to relieve pain.  Medicare patients with Diabetes can qualify for a pair of diabetic shoes and three pair of inserts per year.  Please call to find out necessary paperwork needed.
Our shoe fitters will fit you to the shoe that is right for you.  You will have the opportunity to have an electronic scan of your feet to get the perfect shoes or inserts for your needs. Your fitter will then custom order the shoes and inserts to ensure the proper fit.

                              Incontinence Supplies

High quality incontinence products guarantee reliable, inconspicuous disposal of urine. They can be worn discreetly under underwear, protect sensitive skin against wetness and prevent unpleasant odors. Another goal of effective incontinence management for chronically ill and bedridden patient is to help to prevent secondary diseases due to incontinence – such as damages to the skin due to wetness.
We have briefs, pullups, belted undergarments and insert pads in most sizes.
Also available are disposable and re-usable underpads.

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                                       Urological Supplies

e98072a230e377bffff80c47f000101Catheters:     The self-adhering catheters feature a skin-friendly, non-sensitizing adhesive integrated into the sheath lining.
We carry red rubber, latex and silicone cathetors in a range of styles and sizes for ideal fit  We are able to order products if we don’t keep your particular size or style in stock.                                      Leg and night bags:  Most leg bags are silicone and have straps for comfort.  The night bags are 2000 ml and have valves to keep the system closed.

e98072a230e377bffff80c77f000101                              Leg and night bags: 

Most leg bags are silicone and have straps for comfort.  The night bags are 2000 ml and have valves to keep the system closed.

                              Bathroom Supplies

4362aea3ac47d935ffff835effffe906The Toilet Safety frame sits over the toilet connecting at the same bolts which hold the toilet seat on.  The frame legs are adjustable for the height needed for your safety.

                                                       Shower Chairs

Shower chairs with or without backs are helpful if you are having trouble with balance while bathing.

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d26f0736731dbd5ffff85b2ffffe906The transfer bench sits over the edge of the bathtub for help to get into the bathtub safely.  Sit on the edge outside the bathtub then lift your legs into the tub and scoot over to the other end of the bench.  It comes with the back and the arm for comfort and safety.

                                                        Toilet Seat Risers

e5b0d8a7677e8f11ffff8425ffffe904Toilet Seat Risers for assistance to those with bending problems. There are three types of risers as well as an elongated riser for elongated toilet bowls not shown here.

                                                                Grab Bars

e5b0d8a7677e8f11ffff8423ffffe904Bathtub safety grab bars are available in two types.  The bars pictured here are fastened to the wall with screws.  There are 4 sizes available from 12″ to 24″.  Also available are the suction type grab bar in three sizes for use in an all tile bathroom.  Both types give balance assitance as you climb into your tub or shower.